Modular UPS solution

Applications : Telecom system, Financial system, Industrial automation systems, Internet Data Center (IDC), Multimedia Data Center (MDC), other significant load system ect.  Features: ●Configuration design: Standard 19-inch black cabinet;●Maintainability: Online hot swappable, no need to turn the bypass;●Expansibility: Online expansion, online upgrades, online maintenance;●Green energy: high efficiency, low heat loss, pollution-free power grid;●Cost-effective: lower initial purchase and future expansion/maintenance and operating costs;●High reliability: Redundancy technology avoids failure bottlenecks of single point, providing reliable power protection for critical loads;●High Availability: Users can perform maintenance on the system at any time, without waiting for another overhaul maintenance, reduce failure risks;●High anti-interruption: Asurance “Power disturbances" which no matter from the mains power or UPS itself "are eliminated as much as possible, including conducted interference and radiation interference. Modular UPS solution:Modular UPS adops standard structure design, each system consists of power module, control module and display module. Power modules can be connected in parallel to share the load at average. It will automatically exit in case of failure, and other power modules will bear the load. And it not only can expand at horizon, but also expand vertically. Unique redundancy parallel technology enables equipment no single point of failure to ensure highest availability of power. And all modules can be hot-swappable, achieve online replacement and repair. It is the safest power protection solution. Modular UPS solution is composed of modular UPS, intelligent distribution system and battery bank ect.